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High Result Academy 

A fast growing company
in the training and professional development field, specializing

in carrying business trainings.


We are striving to touch upon all problem areas and influence an eventual outcome, when

we render services for our Customers in comprehensive staff training. Such approach allows

tto form the system decisions leading to the rapid growth.

Consultants and business trainers


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Consultants and business trainers of High Result Academy are certified by leading international

companies, they are experts in their field. Each of them has a great management experience

and practical skills in the implementation of training and consulting projects of varying complexity.

Our partners are the world famous leaders in the field of training and staff development.

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The definitive feature of our company products is


practical directionality of proposed methods and instruments is the definitive feature of our

company products. The technologies we use are developed individually subject to client`s

business specificity, whereby every participant of our programs can evaluate the effect

of acquired skills already in the process of learning and easily integrate this experience

in their professional activity.




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We work to help business

to become effective!

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Our values


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We are a close-knit effective team that constantly improves the skills, 

products and services!


Our goals
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Improving the

efficiency of people

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Partnerships with our


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Our products
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Our clients

Our company works with clients of the various business sectors.
 Our clients




− Business coach experience for at least 5 years;

− Further education in "Training of Trainers" program;

− Experience of training work with leaders;

− The ability to manage group dynamics;

− Successful experience in business games, business simulations, management study-cases , facilitations, video analysis, etc.;

− Own copyright trainings;

− Knowledge of methods of assessing the effectiveness.


− Developing relationships with current and new customers

− Prepare proposals for the client

− Inbound requirements processing

− Attracting new customers

− Budgeting, calculation of estimates

− Participation in tenders, proposal development

− Maintain customer projects

− Interaction with the contractors

− Control over the project

− Project accounting

− Coordination with the clients

− Prepare closing documents




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