Business training is one of the most popular forms of active training, the pur-

pose of which is to acquire new skills and knowledge. Thus, the main feature of

the training is practical orientation of transmitted knowledge that allows immedi-

atly apply the acquired knowledge in life.

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Each group of employees has its own program,

depending on the required competences, proficiency

in the skills and position occupied.

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Sales and marketing

The effectiveness of any business depends not only on the quality of the goods or services,

but also on the ability to properly present them and influence on the final decision of the

consumer. The development of staff selling skills and interaction with the customer are

the key factors of success of the company.


In highly competitive environment, where the effectiveness of the enterprise depends

not so much on the amount of resources, but on their ability to correctly distribute

them, the development of management skills can help the business become more

profitable and significantly improve their performance.

Business process management

The work of any company is the chain of continuously following one another activities and tasks.

Each of these chains presents particular business process, and efficiency of the whole business

depends on how understandable and manageable these processes are.

Assessment center

The ability to determine behavioral characteristics of the interlocutor at first sight

and adjust to them is one of the most important skills in the business communication.

It determines not only the final result of any negotiation, but also the formation

of long-term partnerships.

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Assessment conducting

(Center of assessment

and staff development)

Assessors training and

assistance in in-house

Centers of assessment

and staff developing


Trainings with assessment


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In addition to development assessment center within the company, we also conduct

on-line evaluation of personnel.

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Trainings for trainers

In order to bring the result, it is important learning programs to be conducted comprehensively

and deliberately. Large companies employ their own coaches, but the coaches - are employees

who also need education and training. For them special training on techniques transferring and

various training programs were designed.

Strategic sessions and facilitations

In the context of rapidly changing external environment, many companies are facing with

the need to determine its place in the market and further development of the business

One this problem solutions is to carry out internal strategic sessions with external consultants.


Modern business conditions, when all areas of social life are closely intertwined, require

the understanding of numerous factors affecting the entire business as a whole. The financial

system is one of such factors.

Coaching and tutorship

Working in a difficult market situation, any manager faced with the need to solve many

problems. And often, in spite of an active search for solutions, business ceases to evolve,

employees lose motivation. In such situations it is useful undergo business coaching that will

help a person to answer the key question: how to become an effective leader?

Individual solutions for business

In modern conditions when the market competition is so high, to take ready-made solutions

sometimes is not enough. For the most efficient solution it is necessary to take into account

not only the external conditions, but also the internal characteristics of each business.




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