Business Simulation - is a playing exercise simu-

lating a real situation, reflecting the main character-

istics of professional activities of the participants.

During the game participants must take a number

of decisions, leading to a desired result.


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The development

of business simulations






Using an individual approach to each Customers, we can

ensure that any simulation will be developed or adapted to

your inquiries, and thus will have maximum positive effect.


The unique technique

of conduction


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For conduction of business simulations we engage

only qualified specialists with many years of

experience not only in the field of staff training, but

also in various sectors of business. This allows them

to understand the specifics of every client's business,

and, as a result, maximize the use of training tools.



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Technical production

and design development





Ordering a business simulation, the client receives not

only a unique program, designed specifically for him,

but also the opportunity to order custom designed

educational materials.






Carrying out a demo test


Each program runs testing on focus customer group that allows you to accurately assess the effectiveness of selected instruments and ensure final result.






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