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Evaluation is one of the most accurate methods of determining

the main competences of the employee , based on the use of

complementary instruments. The method is aimed at identifying

the psychological and professional features of the staff as well

as determination of its potential.


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3600 Assessment

анализ личности


Personal Profile Analysis

анализ должности


Post Profile Analysis



Team audit

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3600 Assessment

the method of staff evaluation, which consists in identifying leadership competences and position

accompliance held by filling the same questionnaire by all members of the business environment

of the employee: heads, subordinates, colleagues and clients.

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Personal Profile Analysis

Evaluation method which allows to determine a preferred style of behavior in the workplace.

This in its turn helps to avoid turnover and contributes to more efficient allocation of funds

for employee training and increase its effectiveness.

Based on the Personal Profile Analysis, eou can also get

the following reports:


Personal Profile Analysis


 How to manage;

Staff audit in call-centre;

в call-centre;

A brief summary; 

 Career Guide.








Post Profile Analysis

The method of evaluation that complements the Personal Profile Analysis. It allows to define the

behavior competencies that correspond to the positions. The degree of compliance is determined

by a comparison of analysis result with the behavioral characteristics of the candidate.


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Team audit

Valuation technique which allows to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team. It is held

in conjunction with the Personal Profile Analysis and includes two types of assessment:

  1 2  

Perfect Team

(analysis of what should be the team to its

maximum efficiency);

Real Team

(research the profiles of existing 

team members).

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Comparing the results of audit of the ideal and real team, provides recommendations on the

distribution of roles in the team and optimization its performance.

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Any of the presented evaluation methods can be used both independently

and as a part of the training sessions.


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